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Thread: mis-installing MDADM Issue

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    Default mis-installing MDADM Issue

    OK I did something stupid...

    I recently upgraded from OpenSUSE 11.3 -> 11.4 but at some point I answered a question that said something like 'do you want MDADM to manage the partitions?'.
    I answered 'yes' which was a mistake since this is not what I was doing in 11.3.

    So now I have system that boots, but I can't see the home partition (it doesn't mount it although I think it is still there...) and it willl only boot into repair mode.

    So the question is - is there anyway I can reverse this?

    Thanks Mark

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    Default Re: mis-installing MDADM Issue

    Might be able to do it in Yast partition manager. But be very careful you can seriously damage things if you make wrong choices.

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