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Thread: Radeon HD 4350 & Dual monitor setup

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    Default Radeon HD 4350 & Dual monitor setup

    Hello everyone,

    I'm having an issue setting up my dual headed configuration under OpenSuse 11.3.
    Some specs : GPU Radeon HD 4350, Monitor1 : Some generic model - runs @1280x960 resolution, Monitor2: Syncmaster 2243 - runs @ 1920x1080 resolution.
    Got it working mostly besides one thing.

    The problem is simple - my computer somehow detects the smaller monitor as primary and larger monitor as secondary. So my main screen is on the smaller one. What I want to do is to switch the screens so that my main display is on 1920x1080 res monitor.

    I have tried aticonfig screen swapping and fiddling with xorg.conf but so far I have gotten the monitors to switch screens once with xinerama but then I got the "mouse pointer stuck in second screen" issue and reverted back to previous conf since as I understand xinerama is now deprecated.

    So my goal would be ati "big screen" setup with monitor1 LeftOf monitor2 and my primary screen should be on monitor2.
    Any ideas or walkthroughs on how to achive that are most welcome!

    PS! Used ati's repo to get the driver.

    All the best,

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    Default Re: Radeon HD 4350 & Dual monitor setup

    Upping the topic.

    Basically the only problem is that I have no idea how to set the bigger monitor as primary in ati config.
    With Sax it was quite easy but now I'm bit puzzled.

    All ideas are most appreciated!

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    Default Re: Radeon HD 4350 & Dual monitor setup

    Don't you get it with Catalyst Control Center?
    gnomesu amdcccle
    kdesu amdcccle

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    Default Re: Radeon HD 4350 & Dual monitor setup

    If it doesn't help, have a look at this thread: ATI Dual Monitor Xinerama with different resolutions

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