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Thread: How to get helvetica font in opensuse 11.3

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    Default How to get helvetica font in opensuse 11.3


    My problem is the following: I seem to be able to use the Helvetica fonts in Latex using the {helvet} package but not in Ooo or Scribus... I am not familiar at all with font management in Linux, but I guess this problem is likely due to the use of different packages in Latex and Scribus/Ooo. Am I right? If so, where could I get the Helvetica fonts for Ooo and Scribus?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    On 03/15/2011 07:36 PM, stamostolias wrote:
    > Read this 'RPM Search perl(Font::Metrics::Helvetica)'
    > (

    i have no idea why you would suggest using that??

    @Sebastien i _think_ you have installed the Helvitica font in a way
    that only makes it available to LaTex (but, i've used that so i don't
    know if that is possibele) but, have a look here:

    and, come back if you have questions you can't sort though..

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    Default Re: How to get helvetica font in opensuse 11.3

    To go back to the original post, certain Unix programmers many years ago obtained free alternatives to commercial software which they distribute with their software - LaTeX and xfig being the two most obvious examples. openSUSE being committed to free and open software does not distribute any commercial fonts other than supplying a program to allow you to obtain MS fonts under licence. So you have a choice of buying the commercial product or using an alternative free product which replicates the metrics of the commercial font. openSUSE has the programs to enable you to install and use any commercial or free alternative font.

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    I had a problem with atm fonts and openoffice. I don't use Scribus. I have an old Tektronix printer and the supplied fonts have the font metric files in the windows format. These fonts have, for as long as I can remember, been recognized by suse, kde and openoffice. The version of openoffice shipped with 11.3 no longer recognizes these atm fonts even though opensuse 11.3 and kde does. I do not know if this is your problem but it the fonts are atm fonts it is worth checking the format of the font metric files. The file names for windows and unix have different suffixes.

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