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Thread: konsole (2.6 KDE 4.6)

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    Default konsole (2.6 KDE 4.6)

    After a long night of fighting I have got 11.4 working..... (Woot)

    First impressions largely OK, but some small worries...
    Here's one:
    In konsole, there is a button to close tab. Now mine is greyed out, and I have to close window and select close this tab only.
    Anyone else got this, or know a solution?

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    Default Re: konsole (2.6 KDE 4.6)

    confirmed, was functioning in the 4.5.x series

    work around - detach the tab and close that window

    bug has been submitted to KDE bugzilla
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    Default Re: konsole (2.6 KDE 4.6)

    Same here. Another workaround is to use right-click in the window area of the tab and choose "Close Tab" or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift-W

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