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    If some one can tell me how to get Gnome 3 shell to try it out, I'd appreciate it very much!
    I have the 11.4 Suzy gnome edition from Live CD. I tried to find Gnome 3 in the Install/remove software, after reloading it, but it i snot there.

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    Search for gnome-shell and install that, logout, select your login name then at the panel on the bottom select gnome 3 preview and login.
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    Is it only a preview, not as in the Fedora 15 alpha?

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    On Tue, 15 Mar 2011 05:36:02 +0000, SLPolak wrote:

    > Thanks!
    > Is it only a preview, not as in the Fedora 15 alpha?

    Yes, it's only a 'preview' (ie, pre-release) because GNOME 3 hasn't been
    released yet. :-)


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