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Thread: Cairo/Glx-dock for Opensuse 11.4?

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    Arrow Cairo/Glx-dock for Opensuse 11.4?

    Glx-dock got removed during 11.3 -> 11.4 update and I can't figure out a way to bring it back. Tried to install all RPM's manually from RPM Search but got stuck with dependencies.

    Any tips?

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    Default Re: Cairo/Glx-dock for Opensuse 11.4?

    Me too. It seems it's not available for 11.4 yet.

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    Default Re: Cairo/Glx-dock for Opensuse 11.4?

    Hi guys! I had the same problem. As I so like cairo-dock I've made it from sources. Think you can do the same! Here is the how-to
    Manual for openSUSE is below
    Here is the information where to download tarballs and about x86_64 architecture

    Good luck!

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    it's available from the PackMan repo:

    openSUSE:~ # zypper if cairo-dock
    Loading repository data...
    Reading installed packages...
    Information for package cairo-dock:
    Repository: Packman Repository
    Name: cairo-dock
    Arch: i586
    Installed: No
    Status: not installed
    Installed Size: 4.0 MiB
    Summary: A small simple but effective doclet like Mac
    Cairo-dock was in the beginning a small simple but effective dock.
    On 4th July 2007, Fabounet proposes to us a version improved,
    with a very ergonomic configuration, on the forum.
    Since, new versions are followed at an intensive pace and with
    their new functionalities like the sub-docks, the effects on
    the launchers ... Many people are grafted with the project,
    each one bringing its competences, of graphics, to the applet
    or plugins and development.

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    Default Re: Cairo/Glx-dock for Opensuse 11.4?

    just add the repo found here Index of /suse/openSUSE_11.4/Extra/ and it should be available in yast software management. Hope this helps if u havent already found it.

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