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Thread: virtualbox won't connect to internet

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    Default virtualbox won't connect to internet

    I have VirtualBox 4.0.0 running on open SuSE 11.3 64bit. It works well. My connection to the internet is via a Pantech UML290 usb modem. I can select the usb device and use the Verizon Access Manager to connect to the internet. It says it is connected, but there doesn't seem to be a real connection. I can't hit any web sites with my browser. How can I get this working? Any suggestions are very welcome. I have also tried connecting via Linux then from within VB selecting the usb device, but that just disconnects the modem in the process.


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    I could really use some help in connecting to the internet in virtualbox. Any body know what to change or where to look?

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    Does the Linux connect? If so than Vbox should just go through the Linux setup. There should be a virtual Net connection. From inside the Virtual Machine it should not matter how the connection is made if the host can connect. You may be trying too hard.

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    In the virtual machine (not the guest OS) network properties, you have to select either NAT or bridged adapter. I don't remember what's the default. It used to be NAT. While using NAT, there is nothing to configure on the guest. The host acts as a router for the guest, assigning an IP to it within its virtual network. So as soon as the host is connected, the guest is connected. If you choose bridged, you have to configure the guest just like any computer in your lan, either to use dhcp (you'll need to provide your lan's router IP in the guest tcpip settings) or fixed IP. The main difference between NAT and bridge is that a bridged virtual machine can be reached from outside (lan or even Internet) while a NAT cannot. In that way NAT is safer.

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    thank you all, gogalthorp was right. I was trying to hard. It is working as linux passes it through to vb. Thanks again.

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    So it looks like you were able to get your Pantech UML290 to work with OpenSuSE. I have been trying this for about a week now with no luck at all. Tried NetworkManager and Qinternet with zero luck getting it working...

    Do you thing you could give the steps you did to get it to work? Getting very desperate, if you could that would be awesome...


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    Glad to be able to help. I documented the steps I took to get it working. It is important to know whether you are in a 4g or 3g area. Also, if you are traveling and expect to switch between 3g or 4g there are a couple of extra steps. The instructions are here. Let me know if you need any additional help with them.


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