On 03/13/2011 06:06 AM, walla299 wrote:
> but I'll go with what works for now.

always go with what works!

you might consider the need for a dedicated WORK system that you only
'upgrade' AFTER you have verified the new system will support your
work needs.....that is, have a static WORK system _and_ an exact copy
of that system in your 'sandbox', upgrade the sandbox and see if the
work stuff works...if so, ok...if not, you still have a working WORK

it is difficult, but no more so than other systems--ask around and see
if you can't find folks who have 'upgraded' their (say) MS system and
then found they had to spend lots of money for new hardware and/or
software because their old stuff just didn't work right any more...or,
the new 'improved' and highly 'innovative' system didn't support the
OLD hardware at all..

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