This is my first post here so I'd like to say hello and thank you to anyone that is kind enough to respond. I'll try not to bore you but want to give as much information as possible to hopefully obtain a solution to my problem. I recently built a new rig. I've been with Intel Since the Pentium 3 but my first box was a k6-2-500. Remember those days? Anyway, I recently got a deal on a MB/CPU/MEM Combo so I find myself back to AMD and while everything runs perfectly under Windows, I'm having some annoying issues under Linux and am hoping that perhaps an adjustment will correct the issue.

Windows is used primarily as my Gaming rig as well as various programs I use when composing music. Linux however, is my primary OS and I have been running OpenSuse -well it was just Suse back then- since V9. My previous system that I handed down to my son is a Core 2 e6750 with 4gb crucial ddr2 and an msi board with a 9800gtx+ and a SB card for audio. Both Windows and OpenSuse Linux performed wonderfully over the last 4 years on this machine. It still played every game I threw at it but my son was in serious need of an upgrade so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and build a new system. I will return this combo and most likely go i7 if I can't figure this out.

Since I kept my Antec Case with 1000 Watt PS, I installed my old guts into my sons brand new Alien looking case that he selected. I performed fresh installations of both Windows and OpenSuse 11.3 on both machines the same day and currently have them running side by side. My new system is a Phenom II X4 955 with a biostar A780L3G board, 4gb Samsung ddr3, GTX-260 and a SB card for audio. The problem, I am having is when I run an application that may be somewhat taxing on the system, it hangs for a little bit but eventually recovers. For example, just running nvsettings for the graphics card I may be waiting up to 10 seconds for the application while the mouse cursor is frozen and I cannot do anything. I also noticed the same type of issue with vmware. If I minimize my virtual machine but then come back to it, the system will hang for up to 10 seconds and then be just fine. This gets really annoying especially when I have to wait 10 seconds for the system to come back. On the Windows side everything works great. No blue screens and the games are noticeably better compared to my old system.

Any Ideas?