I am trying to enable user public_html on my lamp machine. I just want it to run in localhost for development purposes. It seem easy enough from what I have read but, I have not had any success.

A phpinfo.php file in /srv/www/htdocs tells me mod_userdir is enabled.

I have a phpinfo.php and index.php file in the user/public_html directory.

In mod_userdir.conf I have set the path with 'UserDir public_html' and 'UserDir enabled MyUserName'.

According to the instructions I have seen I did not think I would have to include MyUserName, but Apache did not start if I did not include the user name.

I have tried to access the file here http://localhost/home/MyUserName/ as is and with both phpinfo.php and index.php appended, but I just get Object not found! Error 404.

The permissions of those files make them accessible to everyone. If it make a difference I am running Suse 11.3, KDE4

What else do I need to do to make this work?