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    Default SUSE Lifecycle Management Server

    I have downloaded and setup the SUSE Lifecycle Management Server on vmware using the Live CD Distribution. I have connected it to as my repository and setup a user account via the backend on pg 96 using the slms-admin-ui-user -o to create my administrator account since I lost the password for the initial login. I created a customer and have the following,
    Mirroring Credentials - User Name: (random character)
    Mirroring Credentials - Password: (random character)

    Also I have a test box for installing the Live CD of our application.

    Question 1: Do all appliance created on suse studio have the client to connect to the SLMS server or do need to install a client?

    Question 2: If there is no client how do I obtain and add it to the appliance on ?

    Question 3: is how do I setup appliance as a client?

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    Appliance Updates Made Easy: SUSE Lifecycle Management Server

    Video shows how enable SLMS on your appliance and setup your subscriptions.

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