It's been known the bug that prevents the kipi plug-in from acquiring the album info of your facebook account, making all the photos being exported always to the same album.

I found this thread in a a KDE support forum and they have a solution, but I don't know how to apply it. can anybody help me with this?

Created an attachment (id=53636) [details]

Can somebody try this patch (apply to SVN source and build)?

------- Comment #27 From Luka Renko 2010-11-22 22:25:30 -------

SVN commit 1199836 by lure:

Switch to new Facebook API for requesting application permissions. This
have prevented all new users since July 2010 to upload photos to specific
album or download photos (own or from their friends).
BUG: 225174
BUG: 254110
BUG: 254457

M +4 -1 NEWS
M +5 -5 facebook/fbtalker.cpp

WebSVN link: [KDE] Revision 1199836
This is the link for the patch

here is the link for the entire thread

by the way. using KDE 4.4 on 11.3 64bit