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Thread: issues with PostgreSQL

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    Question issues with PostgreSQL

    hello, all !!!

    I am using OpenSUSE since 2.5 years. And I really love it. OpenSUSE was the first Linux Distribution that I tried for the first time in my life !!!

    This is my first post. At work site my company uses ubuntu and, there, the installation of PostgreSQL was flawless. But at home I use openSUSE 11.2, I want to install the same on my home machine also.
    So I tried to do so with "install software" option from the "start" menu, which started YasT2. from where I downloaded the packages and installed. [ I doubt I have not done this work correctly ]. And hence lastly I goggled and found something relevant and useful at this page :

    all the commands on this page [ i didn't tried all commands after : "postgres=# \q".]
    but though I am not able to open the GUI screen of the same.

    is there any command similar to "sudo apt-get install postgres"
    please assist me...

    I think there should be a package on the OpenSUSE 11.2 insatallation DVD. If by any chance it is, will any one please point out , where it is .... ?

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    Default Re: issues with PostgreSQL

    sudo zypper install postgresql postgresql-libs

    Probably also

    sudo zypper install postgresql-server

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    Default Re: issues with PostgreSQL


    i think you can simply go to the postgresql website and download the standalone linux installer from their.
    then open the terminal(after the download has finished); cd to the directory where the installer is and then do ./<filename> and the installer will install postgresql .
    its quiet simple..

    best of luck

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    Default Re: issues with PostgreSQL

    I've never had trouble installing postgresql on openSUSE. Did you try going into YAST --> Software Management and seeing what you have installed with Postgresql?
    I think it's better to install it via the package manager because you will get the updates. The downside of the packages installer is that it tends to distribute the postgresql files into several different directories. For example the databases go into the var directory.

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