Hello all,

I recently upgraded my Opensuse dom0 from 11.2 to 11.3, and so Xen from 3.x to 4.01.

Ever since, Windows HVM domus hang after a random amount of time. Always within 24 hours of starting though.

The VMs are XP and W7, and have tried both hvm drivers and gplpv drivers. There are no errors in xend.log, or the qemu-dm logs or xm dmesg. I have tried apic and acpi both on and off.

If I VNC to them, I can see that they have simply stopped. If I force them off and start them again, there is nothing in the event log of the VM, it just stops and becomes unresponsive, with no associated log entry.

I have re-installed one of the VMs from scratch, with a slightly different version of W7. No difference. The stalling even happens during installation, so it doesn't seem like any software I have installed or configuration could be related.

Any suggestions how I can troubleshoot this?