When I click on an rpm on a website the normal behaviour used to be that a dialogue would appear asking:
Do you want to install this file.
You could click -install- or -close-

If you chose install then installation went ahead after a dialogue box asked you to authorise by inputting a password.

What has been happening recently is if you select install you then get the error:
Authorisation failed.. You have failed to provide correct authentication. Please check any passwords or account settings.
If you select -more details- then it just says Authentication failed.

Once you press close on this error notice you then get another notice:
The action could not be completed: The request failed: more details are available in the detailed report. When you go to the detailed report it says:
Failed to install file: Failed to obtain authentication.

All this happens without once offering up an input for entering a password. I have checked that one is not getting stuck under other windows or something.

Not very helpful and no pointer to how you might correct the problem. I have looked all over the system through yast and cli but cannot determine what has gone wrong.
I have searched forums and on google but there is no straight-forward mention of this and in any case the suggestions have not been relevant.
This has become very annoying as installing something with 1-click works and asks and gets authentication but it seems this works with another installer and not software installer.

Can anybody please help me here.
I Use:
Acer Aspire 5600 Centrino Duo Laptop
2GB Ram
openSUSE 11.3 Education