I'm always struggling with desktop space. Widgets like Folder View and the ability to use the multiple virtual desktops are very helpful for me. I found an article about the KDE Shelf widget which I would love to have as another organizational tool but I can't seem to find it...

Easy Organization with KDEs Plasma Shelf Widget

I am a bit of a newbie with KDE and with Linux in general but I have found and added many widgets with no problem. I have been using computers for about 16 years and I'm pretty tech savvy (but unfortunately my skills have all been learned through Windows and some with Mac in college).

When I go to Add Widgets and type "shelf" in the search withing openSUSE KDE I get no results. I also checked on kde-look.org and an overall Google search but I'm not having any luck.

If anyone knows how I can find and add this widgets I would greatly appreciate it.