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    Hey guys, I'm new to openSuse coming from Ubuntu/Kubuntu. I have a quick question. When opening my web-browsers or other windows, they open in a very small window and I have to re-size them every single time I open them. Does anyone know of a way to fix this? If you do please let me know. Thank you. Also, any cool tips that anyone has for me since im new to opensuse please let me know. thanks!

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    what version of openSUSE are you using?

    what Desktop Environment, and version?

    did you have this same condition when you first installed openSUSE (i
    ask, because what you describe is *NOT* normal behavior, and i must
    guess that you have made some changes to your windows behavior
    settings....have you done any of that? if so, you might ought to
    backtrack and undo what you did..)

    also, if you click the little icon on the extreme left of a window's
    title bar, there is a menu there to "configure window behavior" about
    three years ago i used that menu and never every will i touch it
    again...that menu is a really good way to cause stuff just like you
    describe....if you did that, someone else has to help you fix it...

    another possibility is that your install media was corrupt, did you do
    this prior to install:

    the only other tip i have for you is in my sig, below..

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    "release 1", Thunderbird3.0.11,]
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    Hey, Using 11.3, with Gnome. What I did do was just installing compiz and my nvidia drviers. My chrome seems to open normally now so that is not a problem anymore. Thanks for you input and if you have any customizing tips please do let me know in me know in my inbox.! Thank you.!

    P.S. If a mod could close this please do so. Thank you.!

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