OpenSUSE Version: 11.3
Google Chrome Version: 10.0.633.0-2.1
Lib OpenSSL Version(s): 0.9.8m-3.3.1 1.0.0-6.5.1

Here's my story: I want to install Google's Chrome web browser. It is awesome.

So, I went to install it from the command line:
$ sudo zypper install chromium
and everything installed without issues. Then when I went to run the browser, I got the following error from dmesg:
[112514.633400] chromium[22228]: segfault at 10 ip b18a2452 sp bfe39a98 error 4 in[b185b000+188000]
I guess I am curious how I can reinstall libopenssl1_0_0 to see if this library is broken, without breaking all of the dependencies. As when I check to uninstall libopenssl1_0_0 there is a long list of other packages that are dependent on this package.