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Thread: Error installing Opensuse 11.3

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    Default Error installing Opensuse 11.3

    I have an old dell poweredge server. And need to install server on it. The issue I have is the install appears to go fine. Then when it restarts and boots grub it's unable to locate sda1 or sda2.

    I have tried having to write the mbr. I've tried both kde and gnome just to see if eather would allow me to get past this point.

    I have searched the forums however I've been unable to locate any information on this issue.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Error installing Opensuse 11.3

    Are you using RAID
    Better without
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    Default Re: Error installing Opensuse 11.3

    When you see the Grub screen, press escape to exit the gfx menu. Then press "c" to get a Grub shell and type:
    find /boot/vmlinuz
    find /boot/grub/stage2
    Do you get any result?

    You can exit the shell with esc, select the line booting openSUSE in the menu and press e to edit it, then press e again to edit the kernel line and change the root device if needed. By default it should not use device names but by-id or by-uuid links instead.

    If it's a raid, you need a separate boot partition - although I don't remember if it's still needed. And the root device in the kernel line could look like:

    for example.

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