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Thread: How does one remove KDM and KDEBase extraneous installs?

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    Angry How does one remove KDM and KDEBase extraneous installs?

    Following some advice here elsewhere about changing a login screen which actually declared that extra KDE stuff did not get installed when installing KDM I found exactly the opposite to be the case when I tried!

    installed KDM via the yast installer which seemed to be a small 4MB install. However lots and lots of other KDE stuff DID get installed alongside it. 187 MB in fact! 187 MB that's 183 MB I never asked to be installed!

    The bad thing is that removing KDM and the KDEBase package does not remove all these components which are now firmly embedded in the system including Oxygen Firefox theme and all sorts of other KDE branding.

    Could anyone advise how short of reinstalling 11.3 from scratch I can get rid of all this guff the KDM install has introduced into the system by apparently exploiting some bug or other in the installer....

    Uninstalling KDM and KDEBase has only uninstalled the 4MB I thought I had chosen. The other 183 MB it glued to my system seems to be invisible to the Yast installer although there are many lines in the history file /var/log/zypp

    Any advice on cleaning up the mess would be much appreciated !

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    Default Re: How does one remove KDM and KDEBase extraneous installs?

    Maybe this will help:

    Software Removal - Quick tip

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