I went thru the multimedia install procedures. I ran mmcheck. I still have major issues trying to
1. load cd songs into a playlist and playing them
2. rip music from a cd onto the hard drive
3. move music from a cd or the hdd onto my ipod.

System is 11.2, kde 4, stock off the 11.2 install cd - that is, stock other than adding multimedia etc.

Ripping: k3b is having issues with lame. This has been noted in other threads. While the recommendations helped at least get k3b to make mp3 files - they are trash. Orb voggis files are fine - but they don't work with the ipod stuff. Also, I have tried other rippers listed in the opensuse repos - this is for my wife - it must be gui - and everything else I've looked at doesn't rip or convert.

Playing cd: I can get the cd songs to play in other programs - Amarok won't move the cd files to the playlist to play them. So why do I want Amarok? It shows all the metadata that we want to work with and retain for the ipod. Metadata - this moves us to gtkpod.

Loading the ipod: gtkpod won't load from the cd - it's "not local" - which is what moved me to try and rip to the hard drive.

So - I'm stymied. After spending about 10-16 hours, we finally have:

sound and the abilitiy to play music, get the hardware manager to see and mount the ipod, use gtkpod to view the ipod contents - in ipod compatability mode - so that the ipod database is used.

I can't rip from a cd to mp3. Any answers are appreciated - but I guess the ripping seems to be the 1st big problem to resolve - unless you know what I should do to get gtkpod to use the cd directly, like it should.