Hi all,

I have a dual boot system on a 500GB HDD. Here is a printscreen of the partition table for the disk.

It's a fairly standard set-up but the root partition is almost full (I know it's fairly unheard of but I have a lot of software provided by uni that takes up a lot of space). I would like to shrink my /home partition and increase the root one.

I've downloaded gparted and got it onto a live CD. The only thing I really want to know before I go ahead is how will the editing of the partitions affect booting. From what I can tell from reading is that the MBR has only got listed the place on the HDD where the bootable partitions start. These starting placed will not be affected by the alteration, so will the system quite happily boot in the same manner?

One booted I'm assuming as the /home partition will have moved I'll need to alter fstab to mount /home again. Will having /home missing caused any adverse affects on the first boot into linux?

Thanks for any advice.