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    I have problem with tb+lightening and taks in data/time dock. I have installed all nedden extension (evolution mirror) to thunderbird, and when I add task no one is displayed in gnome time dock, and hamster applet dont see any tasks. Any suggestion?
    (gnome 2.32.1, tb 3.1.7, lightening 1.0b2)

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    Hope this still helps (I'm kinda late). I was struggling to get Thunderbird,Lightning and Gnome Calendar working together. Truly, for this you need the Evolution Mirror extension for Thunderbird. Click and Install. If you read the developer notes, you will notice that you need to install evolution python bindings (in openSUSE 12.1 this is called python-evolution; install using Install/Remove Software). Using another extension - Provider for Google Calendar - you can get your Google Calendars in Lightning; and if you use the iCal URL to import them in Lightning, Evolution Mirror will also sync them. Looks like this Evolution Mirror extension only works with iCal (*.ics) calendars.

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