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Thread: How to adjust notification appearance time?

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    Default How to adjust notification appearance time?

    Hi all:

    Can anyone point me toward where the time to display media notifications is stored? When I put a CD or DVD into the player slot, a popup window shows possible actions to take but these old eyes can't read it fast enough to get through the list. Is it possible to get it to display longer and if so how?

    When I put an audio CD in the slot, the display says there are six (6) actions possible but I only have time enough to read the first 2 or 3.

    Thanks, Tom
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    Default Re: How to adjust notification appearance time?

    That's a good question. (My guess is that its not adjustable, but it probably should be).

    Its worth asking that question here:

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    It should be possible to click on the device notifier in the system tray and bring up the list of alternatives for a given device though. Have you tried that?

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    Default Re: How to adjust notification appearance time?

    Or maybe in Desktop Settings > Notifications. Just guessing.

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