Hi Folks,

I have another question...

recently I have installed Evolution on my OpenSuse 11.3 because I like it more than Kontact/ Kmail.

For login on the pop and Imap servers, Evolution establishes a Keyring, which is some kind of the same as the KDE wallet. In Gnome, these keyrings are opened automatically when the user logs into the system.
But in KDE this is not the case and Evolution now has always to ask for opening the Keyring.

How can I set KDE up to automatically open the Gnome Keyring when I log into the system? What do I need to change?

I already had a look at google, and found this:

My Experience with KDE: Making gnome-keyring unlock iteslf on login in kde

but this is for the gnome networkmanager and I did not find any file named /etc/pam.d/kdm in my system.

Is there a chance to do that somehow, so that I do not need to always type the password for the keyring?

A second question is regarding KDE wallet:
in the settings of KDE wallet I have unchecked the option "ask when a program wants to access an opened wallet. And I did everything to not being asked for a password when a program needs access to a wallet. What is wrong there? What do I need to setup so that KDE wallet does not ask me for passwords all the time? Is switching off KDE wallet the only solution for that?

would be great if you had some answers!

thank you & regards