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Thread: Backup; How and what should I backup?

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    Default Backup; How and what should I backup?

    Ok thinking about reinstalling and I really don't want to lose some of my setting but it's no big deal if I have to. I have a space USB drive and have backed up my doc's pic's and downloads but what about my setting? Now if I do back them up and I reinstall the software will it pick those setting up or mess them up?
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    Default Re: Backup; How and what should I backup?

    If your /home is separate - just don't format it
    All your personal settings are in there.
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    Default Re: Backup; How and what should I backup?

    You might consider reformatting your /home if you want to upgrade the file system (to ext4 or something else you may want to try). There is (or was) an option during install to update the fs from ext3 to ext4 without reformatting, but it won't give you all ext4 improvements.

    In that case I'd recommend backing your entire /home (including hidden files and folders) to another drive, reformat and copy it back. If you don't have enough space, copy all hidden files and folders and whatever other files you can't live without.

    Note to kde users (not your case): Before installing the new system you may want to rename the .kde/.kde4 folder to something else, to avoid conflicts with kde4 settings.

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    Default Re: Backup; How and what should I backup?

    On 2011-01-12 05:36, brad455 wrote:
    > Ok thinking about reinstalling

    Then backup *all*.

    Erase after new install is working what is not needed.

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