I finally upgraded to 11.3 over the Christmas break, and now returning to work I've discovered to my horror that plasma crashes every time I run rdesktop. I've opened a bug with KDE for it, but I can't live without this app, since I do a lot with windows on the job.

I've spent today looking for workarounds related to the video: turned off desktop effects, tried an NVidia card instead of the ATI that I started with (and tried both nouveau and proprietary drivers). It always crashes everytime.

Any other suggestions short of using Gnome (which doesn't have the issue)? I really would prefer to not have to learn all the tricks to a new desktop program. My Kubuntu 10.4 laptop runs KDE 4.4.5 and it does not have the problem (and opensuse is 4.4.4). I know the KDE 4.5 repo is out there, but I really try to stick to the core distro components.