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Thread: Changes from 11.2 to 11.3

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    Default Re: Changes from 11.2 to 11.3

    Quote Originally Posted by deano_ferrari View Post
    I agree, but I think it really only needs to be a simple graphical tool (without all the bells and whistles that sax2 had). With the move towards /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ config files, I think it only needs to a provide a basic capability of adjusting 50-monitor.conf to specify a preferred mode, (and maybe modelines), for a monitor that requires the manual entry (usually because of EDID issues). It might also be required to adjust the horizontal sync and vertical refresh ranges, (but not much else).
    I added that comment (and mine) into the openFate discussoin:

    But frankly, given some users decided in the open Fate to use language that is likely to strong, I think that openFate submission is now practically worthless. Its a classic failed approch that I see in industry/government all the time. ... as soon as some one starts making an overly agressive case, people just walk away and say "forget it". More common sense and tact is needed to see these things through and succeed. Anything else is just blowing off steam with NOTHING positive to come of it, except one can later rant in an ego building "trip/boast" wrt how they posted their point (even if their post was a complete self destructive waste of time).

    Its a sad reflection on our psych as people, and it took me decades before I "as a person" and too exciteable engineer, finally learned that an ill timed rant does nothing, and often makes things worse.

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    Default Re: Changes from 11.2 to 11.3

    as soon as some one starts making an overly agressive case, people just walk away and say "forget it"
    Well, could be!

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    Default Re: Changes from 11.2 to 11.3

    sailorcire wrote:
    > It'll always be that little German ditro.

    well, as you have discovered it no longer what you knew in v7.1..

    and, you hit nail on the head with "I don't know how it works [now] or
    anything really about it...nor do I know where to find out"

    you might consider learning about the "site switch" at
    goes like this:

    use that in a google search and it is NOT at all like 'RTFM', try:


    but that last doesn't help much since you didn't reveal what you
    actual problem was that drove you to wish you had the no-longer
    supported and very broken SaX2 (which went begging for a maintainer
    and none stepped up--would you like to?)

    maybe you had a graphics problem? then a string kinda like this might
    turn up some gold:

    Code: "11.3" [graphic maker name ati:nvidia:intel] black
    screen [or other symptom]
    welcome back...this is not your Gropapa's 7.1

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    idiot-proof programs, and the universe building bigger/better idiots.
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