Hi all! I am a recently converted Ubuntu user ( well almost, still have Ubuntu on my workstation ). I was attempting to figure where Gnome's NetworkManager Applet was loading the panel icon images from which led me to attempt to figure out how to obtain the source for the binary package. I have had no luck so far. Here is what I have done up to this point.

1. Enabled the OpenSUSE 11.3 Source Repository in YaST.
2. Refreshed the Software Manager.
3. Don't know what to do next

What is the proper way to obtain source for installed packages ( or any package for that matter )?

BTW, I did get the NM applet to pick up my custom icons through trial and error but I am interested expanding from my Java background by leaning to program for SUSE. So I'd really like to obtain the source code for the packages installed on my system.