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Thread: Compositing is Temporarily Disabled???

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    This is probably already on these forums, but I recently re-installed suse 11.3 and had the desktop effects working fine with the desktop cube animation and everything. But not the case this time...I resume compositing, and try my desktop effect shortcuts, but nothing happens and it comes up saying for me to press Alt+Shift+F12 to resume the compositing again. I do that, but still nothing, and I even re-apply the desktop effect settings completely and restart the computer and it comes up saying that none of them were activated or something in the notifications pop-up on the bottom right of the screen. I thought I downloaded the right files (OpenGL??) from the repositories along with basically anything I thought would make it work.

    Lol, Whats the go!?!?!?! HAAALLLP!

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    Default Re: Compositing is Temporarily Disabled???

    I also have this problem with KDE 4.5 in openSUSE 11.3 (64 bits) with an Intel video card. I didn't take time to find a solution to this.

    Do you also happen to have an Intel video card ?

    Btw: I tried Compiz and it can use compositing, but crashes very easily (sometimes even crashes X)

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    Hey, cheers for the reply!

    Im pretty sure I've got a Raedon...but I got the 3D desktop cube working, but it doesn't automatically start on start up, I have to resume it in desktop settings to make it work...didn't have to do that before???

    Still mucking around with a few things to see if they work, will have a proper look into compiz now.


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    Maybe "System Settings" --> "Desktop" --> "Desktop Effects" --> "Advanced" --> tick upon "Disable functionality checks" can help you.

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