It would appear that novell openoffice on opensuse 11.3 fails to correctly import pps/ppt files. Slide transition data is lost and this results in presentations without sound. This problem does not exist in openoffice from openoffice from will play pps files with sound which will not play with openoffice from Novell. However the version requires JMF.

JMF is old and 32 bit. I have tested openoffice 3.2.1 from with JMF on a 32 bit 11.2 system and it works. I assume that JMF will not work with a 64 bit JRE. I also assume that it would be difficult to get a 32 bit jre to work with a 64 bit openoffice

FMJ is an alternative to JMF. It plays various types of audio including mp3 and wav. It is packaged for installation on 11.3. Does anybody know if this works in place of JMF with openoffice from on a 64 bit system?