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Thread: gnome-do-docklets for 11.3

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    Default gnome-do-docklets for 11.3

    I can't find gnome-do-docklets for 11.3 in software search, there is for 11.2 and for factory, And I'm curious , is it just that no one did the packaging for 11.3 or is there another reason? and how can I install it, can I install the 11.2 package?

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    Hello shalom938. I can't speak for openSUSE, but I am sure they could always use more volunteers in converting applications for them. Do consider the amount you had to pay for your copy of openSUSE. Now, that being said and also including I am no expert on using Gnome, I found one site that claimed Doclets are part of gnome-do now. Here is the site:

    GNOME-Do Adds Docklets to App Launching Bar

    Do you have gnome-do installed? Also, as another note, I would not use openSUSE 11.2 for openSUSE 11.3, but using Factory is worth a try if indeed you need gnome-do-docklets. Please let us know if either suggestion was helpful.

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    Thank you Daniel for your reply. It would be strange if gnome-do now contains the gnome-do-docklets because this package exists in factory and the gnome-do package version is higher then the 11.3 one.
    anyway, I can't find the way to add docklets to gnome-do, the only docklets I have are clock and trash, the 'show docklets' option in the plugins list shows nothing.

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