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Thread: Nautilus + NFS/Samba Sharing

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    Default Nautilus + NFS/Samba Sharing

    I'm evaluating OpenSUSE and have installed 11.3 with Gnome (from the latest liveCD) and have it all running fine in a VM at the moment.

    We are looking at using it for an iSCSI/NFS/Samba server and have it allrunning and it is all configurable from Yast. However I can't seem to get Nautilus to play ball and allow sharing of Samba/NFS shares under folder properties (I'm fairly positive I've done this fine in Ubuntu). All I ever get is Usershare/Gnome sharing (which I believe is Webdav).

    I must say I am so impressed with OpenSUSE, the partition manager is just a dream to use and everything works really well it would just be really nice to be able to share NFS/Samaba shares from the file manager. There doesn't seem to be any other file managers in the repositories so I'm a bit stuck now.


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    I'm running KDE and don't know about Gnome but Right click-properties- share allows setting a resource to share. I'd think Gnome would have the same. In any case you can set shares up in Yast.

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