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Thread: Uninstalling Hypervisor tools

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    hello guys i have jsut installed from yast the hypervysor tools.. i was wondering what packages it installed so i can remove them

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    You forgot to tell what level of openSUSE you use

    In YaST > Sofware > Software management whne you choose Package Groups there is an item Orphaned Packages lower left. But be carefull, it shows packages which are not needed by other packages. It is still possible they are needed by you! (I have e.g. Skype in that list because it is not needed by any other package, but I use it.

    A feature that I do not have (running 11.2) but that I saw in this post: How to remove dependencies with packages? and thus possibly is availble in 11.3 But beware, it works only when it knows what the dependencies of the package to be removed are and thus only when that package is still there. When you want to make use of it, imho you have to reinstall what you just deinstalled to make that information available to zypper.
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    i have been trying to setup a vm but i keep getting this error unknown OS type hvm

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