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Thread: anyone knows anything about parallel processing or mpi

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    Default anyone knows anything about parallel processing or mpi

    hey guys,
    i have two wireless ad hoc connected suse 11.3 boxes
    and i need to do some parallel processing
    here is the thing,
    when i run the program it does not utilize the other box and this is wrong

    so anybody knows how to run a parallel program?

    not: i use mpicc command to run file


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    So I did find a link that describes mpicc, but I missed the part about using two computers in its description. This example was from unbuntu.

    Normally, If I network two computers together, programs ran on one does not use any of the other computers. There are such things as folding@home that allow more than one computer to share an overall task with more than one PC, controlled from a server some where else for the purpose not controlled per say on your PC. Read about that process here:

    Folding@home - Download the Folding@home software application

    So, what program are you using that is linking these two PC's together for a single purpose?

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