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Thread: Firefox does'nt let me see videos

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    Default Firefox does'nt let me see videos

    Whit opensuse 11.3 X86_64 I began with Linux. I like it very much but I have a problem. In Firefox no videos: instead it appears a flashing icon with FLV written above.
    Can you tell me something about it?
    Thanks for an answer

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    Default Re: Firefox does'nt let me see videos

    do you have packman repository enabled and have you installed flashplayer installed? you might also need pullin-flash-player.

    hope it helps

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    Smile Re: Firefox does'nt let me see videos

    fg7, you must read the following message which talks about how to add multimedia support to openSUSE.

    Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide

    If you think you have got it done right I have a script file you copy and create on your on PC and test your multimedia setup. Message #40 has the most recent version of mmcheck (Multimedia Check):

    MMCHECK - Check Your Multimedia in 10 Steps - Script File, as proposed by RedDwarf

    Thank You,
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    Its James again from Austin, Texas

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