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Thread: Kontact / Akonadi and Google

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    Default Kontact / Akonadi and Google

    I seems to have a small problem - or couple of them to be more precise. To start with after each reset Akonadi is telling me that my Google Calendar and Contacts have "Invalid password or network proxy". So I went to System Settings -> Network Settings -> Proxy and switched on "Connect to the Internet directly". Unfortunately this didn't sort out my problem - still, after every reset, I need to put my login and password again and again...

    Now, my second problem is with KAddress Book in Kontact - I can't change default address book. I went to System Settings -> Advanced Tab -> KDE Resources but I can see there just one address book - Default Address Book. I can't see my Google Contacts - which are added to KAddress Book. And if I will add other address books - Personal Contacts, Default Address Book etc. - in Kontact / KAddress Book I still can't see any of those in KDE Resources. I tried adding them using Akonadi and that didn't solve it as well.

    Anyone have suggestions what I can do to fix that? I'm on openSUSE 11.3.

    And how to remove this annoying "30 sec wait / confirmation" when rebooting / shutting down!

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    Default Re: Kontact / Akonadi and Google

    And how to remove this annoying "30 sec wait / confirmation" when rebooting / shutting down!
    By opening a konsole and then sudo yourself and then type shutdown -r "now" for reboot or shudown -h "now" for shutdown (or try to find a specific setting in the kde config files to be set to 0 or false or "now", ...).

    I never succeeded in configuring akonadi that frustrating because I use SuSE since the year 2000 with SuSE 6.0 and this is the first time I'm stuck like this with this stupid akonadi that prevent me to use my more than 10 years old contact list, and that messed up my way of working with Linux...

    I'm reading informations about "why akonadi has been implemented (note that I switched from 11.1 on this desktop to 11.3 on the notebook I certainly missed an episode)" and "how take rid from it without loosing the practical tools like kontact, korganizer and so on..."

    I'm frustrated... disappointed... but hopefully 11.1 works well...

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