Is there a Disk Catalog application in the opeSUSE 11.3 distribution? If there is, I can't seem to find it.

Data has been accumulating on various media for 20 years. Organization is a real problem since it is on everything from floppies to CDs to DVDs to flash drives to external hard drives to internal hard drives on 3 computers. File systems range from DOS to FAT to NTFS to ext3 (ext4 coming).

I just spent 6 hours searching CDs manually to find a picture of a distant relative who died. His children remembered the picture and wanted a copy. Now every surface in my office is covered with old CDs I have to put away somewhere. Surely there is a better way.

I need something that will organize file names, dates and media so I can search for it.

I have looked at Gnome Catalog and GTK disk Catalog but they haven't been updated in a long time and don't seem to be included with openSUSE 11.3. That makes me suspect they have problems of some sort. Is that a reasonable assumption or should I conclude they are mature products that don't need updating? Has anyone here used them?

Please Advise.