Lazarus (Free pascal)
I ve reinstalled (Packman repos..) and this seems OK on suse 11.3 but when I click
Show - units or Show - Forms I get an Acces Violation error. (and cannot open the form)
This happens on Suse 11.3 on both my PC as on my laptop
On the laptop both on Gnome and KDE.
On suse 11.1 Lazarus works fine on both PC and laptop

Also on MyApplication (written in Lazarus) I get an error on suse 11.3 while not on 11.1
(on the laptop I did a clean 11.3 install to make sure no old 11.1 settings were still active)

For this reason I downgraded my laptop back to 11.1 to keep my business application to be usefull.
I don't think the problem is with Lazarus for it is the same version number.
Is this a known bug or has someone a working Lazarus 09.28.2 on suse 11.3?