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Thread: help me for kdevelop debugging problem

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    Default help me for kdevelop debugging problem

    openSUSE 11.1
    kdevelop 3.5.3-1.52

    I wanted debugging my project so I tried to get a breakpoint and then selected Debug-start but I couldn't start debugging. I could see the log of GDB tab as below

    /bin/sh -c libtool gdb /home/Project/... --interpreter=mi2 -quiet
    (gdb) Process exited

    What's the problem with it?
    Please help me plz...

    P.S.debugging was working in order when I try to start debugging with "imple Hello world".

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    Default Re: help me for kdevelop debugging problem

    You'll probably get more eyeballs in the Development forum, this Forum is mainly for "standard apps," not usually even apps used for developing...

    OpenSuSE Development Forums

    Sorry, I personally don't use kdevelop so can't provide personal insight...
    On the face, I would probably try running gdb manually without the -quiet switch, maybe even with a verbose switch if available.
    (You don't always have to run an app with default settings)

    Using other debugging apps, I've observed that usually the target(project) process is run within an artificial environment which can mean that the target can't be shared. The most common issue possibly overlooked is that the code must be compiled before it can be run/debugged.


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