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Thread: Wine install problem

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    I downgraded from 11.3 to 11.2; home directory remained from 11.3 and most apps worked fine after re-install in 11.2. Just root was formated.
    When I reinstalled Wine, I saw on the app launcher that only the "Programs" menu item (a folder), remained, but all utilities of Wine were not available.
    I uninstalled it, deleted the .wine directory in "home", deleted the menu items on the launcher, installed again... and Yast tells it is installed, yet no Wine menu options apperar on the launcher. How to fix it?

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    rename your home folder , add a ".old" ( -- without the "" ) to the end of your user name.
    and reboot

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    JohnVV, I don't understand well you suggestion and how it can fix the problem. I did as you specified and after rebooting I could not login to my account. On the login screen I had to go to command line and rename the directory back to its original name.

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