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Thread: Google Chrome + E17 and Firefox

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    Default Google Chrome + E17 and Firefox


    Could someone explain me why is this strange behavior happening:

    IN KDE 4 Google chrome works like a charm (once the one makes it run) on E17 desktop environment it has this strange trend to think that Firefox is a file manager so whenever I want to open download in download folder or lounch it by clicking on the downloaded file icon, firefox starts and gives me the links to the downloaded file?

    Could this be fixed?
    I like KDE, but E17 is lighter on the system and really eye appealing.

    Thank you very much for your help!
    Best regards

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    As far as I know the E17 desktop is not part of openSUSE and so I am not sure how much help you will get on that desktop here. I see that their website is here, why not see if you can get help there for E17?

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    The Basic problem you describe sounds like the default file type you are selecting is pointing to Firefox and not to Chrome.

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    Hi Jetbird,

    Basically in freedesktop, there are specifics for gnome, kde, lxde, xfce but not enlightenment.
    So it defaults to opening any file with "default browser" which in your case if firefox (first in list)

    Assuming you have already set up your favourite programs in kde the easiest way around this is:
    Open a terminal and type :
    export DE=kde

    To make this automatic type the following in a terminal.
    cd ; echo "export DE=kde" >> .xinitrc

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