As a business consultant, I've set up my own business and hired 2 java developers who will be developing internal applications.

Can you advise me how I should give access to the developers to our server?

We are in the process of buying a small server that will be used for serving MySQL, Apache, Tomcat, subversion, ... Those apps will be for internal use only. The developers would like to have root access to the server to start up and shutdown those services, to change the settings (mostly in /etc) and to look at the logs.

I'm planning to install opensuse 11.3 on this hardware, XEN and a virtual machine based on opensuse 11.3 (but without any GUI) that will host those apps.

Should I define 3 users with root access (me + 2 developers) or 1 root (me) and 2 users that will have be part of the mysql, apache, ... group or 1 root for all?

Do you have any other suggestions to set up my server?