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Thread: lxdm + xdmcp

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    on a openSUSE-11.3 how do I configure lxde so I can access it via a remote XWindow server via xdmcp?

    Entry /etc/sysconfing/displaymanager:

    Entry in /etc/sysconfig/windowmanager:

    Entry in /etc/X11/xdm/xdm-config:
    !DisplayManager.requestPort: 0

    Never had any problem to enable xdmcp using gnome or kde.

    Any hints?


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    Are you sure XDMCP is supported in lxdm? I seem to remember reading that it has never been.

    I was looking at display managers a while back wanting to log into other Linux machines via XDMCP from a "thin client", actually a laptop on the LAN, but discovered that the most recent release of gdm has had XDCMP support taken out. xdm and wdm were mentioned as alternatives if XDMCP was wanted, and I seem to remember a lxde developer post saying that lxdm doesn't have XDMCP and isn't likely to.

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    Yes, xdmcp apparently not supported, tnx ken.

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