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    I installed shutterbug from the repo, put it in a desktop launcher, and cannot
    delete the desktop launcher. The panel launcher works OK, the desktop
    launcher doesn't.

    How do I delete the desktop launcher in Xfce ?

    Otherwise the Xfce DE is working great.

    thanks for your response.

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    Right click on the panel launcher(Icon) and select "Icon Settings". From the service window that pops-up go to "Applications". Look at the command. That is the command used to launch the app. Now go to the DTLauncher right-click > Icon setting (Maybe properties) > [from popup] > applications. Change the command part to the same as the command in the panel that you just looked at. If that is the right command, you can open a term and type the command, hit enter and that should launch the app as well. If it's actually installed!

    As far as deleting... I think, if I get what you're talking about, you're going to have to do that from the plasma settings. Just hover over the widget and a bar should slide out. Click on the little tool thing.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ogbi-web_kenobi View Post
    Right click on the panel launcher(Icon) and select "Icon Settings".
    It's the desktop launcher that's stuck, won't delete. The panel launcher works great.
    This is Xfce now.


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