I am a recovering Windows user (and linux newbie) trying to install and compile pgAdmin3 for postgresql on open SuSE 11.3, I get "no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH"

I have used yast to install botth gnu45 (c compiler) gnu45-c++ compiler.

My question: where did they install?

When I run rpm -ga >aplist.txt and search it for 'gcc' I find:

So it seems something installed. But where is it so I can add it to the path?
And if I think I have located a likely subdirectory, how do I tell if it is the one? Is there a characteristic compiler file I would find in the correct directory?

There is a file named gcc-4.5 under /usr/bin, but /usr/bin is in the path, do I need to do something to tell 'configure' the name of the c compiler?

Thanks in advance for any help. Fred