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Thread: KDE 4 Printer Dialog help

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    Angry KDE 4 Printer Dialog help

    I try to find the documentation about the Printing dialog of KDE 4.5 and found nothing
    Anyway, I want to print a large document with multiple pages per sheet (2-3).
    So, I opened the print dialog, then selected the options and under the Pages tab, I selected the "2" pages per sheet. That's OK so far.
    But then, I noticed the "Page Label" input text! And here is my question:
    What type of data can I write there? Can I use variables like "%p", "%date" or anything like that? And where is that manual?

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    Default Re: KDE 4 Printer Dialog help

    Afraid the developers at KDE have been too busy developing KDE4 to write the manuals yet.

    My guess is that it allows you to add a title to the page like it allows you to add a border etc.

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