Hi All..

I've recently migrated to SuSE, I've been using another distro for a while, but still ultimately new to linux.

I'm working on a website project, and have installed and configured apache, mysql, and php without too many dramas, but there's one nagging problem that I cant find the solution to... I cant get the php calendar extension module to work? For example, the function cal_get_days_in_month() throws a "function not found" error.

Searching the web, it appears that this module is not enabled in SuSE by default.. thats fair enough. One blog post said that if you just install the package with a package manager it will work.. but it didnt for me. Other posts (not specifically regarding SuSE) have said that you need to recompile php with the --enable-calendar (or something?) option. I did give it a shot, because I dont really know what I'm doing, I was reluctant to proceed. The following is really just my thoughts on the matter, but keep in mind I dont know what I'm doing...

to compile from source, I need to download the source from php.net. But the source (along with configuration files & make files) isnt distro specific, so if I just proceed with the defaults, will that place the compiled binaries in the wrong folders? (I've noticed that some folders in SuSE are in different locations to ubuntu, for example) so before proceeding, would I need to determine which is the right location for the binaries?

Also, I get some "gcc or cc not in path error", if I run the "./configure help" in the php source package, but I'm pretty sure the gcc packages are installed.

I've investigated whether the module can just be loaded in php.ini or some such, but I couldn't really see how to do that, whilst searching for solutions to this problem, no one said that loading the module in php.ini is the solution..

So can someone point me in the right direction? Do I recompile php? Enable the module somehow in YaST or with zypper? or change something in php.ini? Or something else entirely?

Thanks in advance...