Can someone help me out here :-)

I have an opensuse client and a Suse server
The client has it's home directory and 2 other
directories on a NFS4 share on the server-
Authentication is via LDAP on the Suse machine

In Gnome I can right click in Nautilus and create new files in all 3 directories
In KDE I can right click and create new in the home directory but not in the
other two( greyed out ). The two directories that KDE will not create files are
user=root group=students with permissions of 770 In KDE I can create
files in a terminal and I can drop files into those directories. If I run KDE and then start Dolphin and Nautilus at the same time, Dolphin won't create files but Nautilus will. Once I have created files once in Nautilus, Dolphin will then allow me to create files ( not greyed out )