Well, i did not have really time to do a testing, but i will do it tomorrow with some starting, closing and full load.
I have to get more into the commands and the broader knowledge of how the memory is utilized under linux. Just from seeing the numbers in top you can think of how the memory shrinks, but i think it is not.
What i did is to limit the caching somewhat to increase the swappiness to 100.
In a way, i am amazed what you can do with linux which would be more difficult under windows. Just by the commands you have. Very, very useful. The only thing i really miss, i think i mentioned it once, is a tool that can show what a program is actually doing. I remember i had a tool as i had an Amiga. It was called snoopdog. With that it showed the process of a program and processes overall. So you were able to pinpoint if a program make crab or died. Pretty sure there is something like that in Linux. Just haven't found it yet.

I'll highly appreciate any tips and helps.